Here are some pictures I took of
just a few of the many places in
Western Australia:

Cunderdin Airshow Easter 2003. If you need a good idea where to go on Easter, go there!

Wright Brothers' Plane Scale Replica

Joey in the Pouch

That one is more for the Kids

Camping on Site. These were the Colours, no Kidding!

The legendary Steve Fossett chose Northam, WA as a starting location for his June 19. 2002 attempt of a solo non-stop circum navigation of earth in a balloon.(Taken by Michael, the early riser)

Steve Fossett taking off in Northam 19.6.2002

In Shark Bay there is Monkey Mia, famous for the Dolphins, but there is more to see:

Now only CALM Officials are allowed to feed them

Every Day they get a Treat, and they are waiting for it!

This one is not quite sure....

The Emu on the Camping Site hates Dogs!

The  Leeuwin II, a Tall Ship for Everyone!

Do you know AC/DC?, then you know who is buried here in Fremantle

On A Flight around Fremantle, on a vintage Tiger Moth, like a flying Motor Bike!

Perth, yes it exists too. Here as seen from kings Park:

South Perth

Perth behind the Trees of Kings Park

We used to have Rally Australia here in WA, shame it's gone:

Every Spring  we are hosting the Avon Descent, one of the worlds  longest Wild Water Races:

Not all make it over the Bell's Rapids

Rottnest,  the Island just  off Perth,  needs no Words:

In Mundaring, where the Water for the Kalgoorley Pipeline is collected, are some surprises:

Play Golf in Marangaroo, one of Perth's many courses, you' have to watch out  not to hit a Kangaroo:

What else do you find in and around the Suburbs of Perth (in particular Scarborough)?

Sand dunes near Joondalup

One of my palm trees blooming

A Stick Insect on the stairs

A Thunderstorm brewing over our back yard

The same storm at the front

Over the street at the front of the house

The Beach at Scarborough/Trigg:

Background Picture painted by Rita