This Page is to demonstrate the performance of  my Konica Minolta Dynax 5D, in particular when using the Haoda MD/MA adapter. With this Adapter one can use older style (MD/MC) lenses on AF camera bodies; especially on the digital Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 5D or 7D or Sony A100 SLRs.

After upgrading from my old but very trusted Minolta XD7 I was feeling really sorry about not being able to use my old MD and MC lenses on the new  5D.
It seems such a waste to have them and not to be able to use them. Here a picture of my old "equipment":

So I bought the Haoda MD/MA Adapter(s!). That way I can, though only in manual mode, take advantage of this pool of good old lenses!
Well, the lenses are not that good, I am just a little playful:-)
You may have better ones which makes it more tempting to use them on a new digital camera body.

Here the Haoda Adapter:

Naturally I was curious about how they compare with one of the latest technology. I couldn't spend a lot on my new 5D, so it came with a standard off the mill 18-70 f/3.5-5.6 AF DT.

OK, here is a picture taken with the standard AF DT Zoom 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 in AF mode.

Aperture F/8, shutter speed 1/25s, nominal focal length 60mm  (would be 90mm on 35mm film)

Here the same motive, same distance, taken with  my old Minolta 50mm  MD 1:1.4 lens, using the MD/MA adapterm in manual mode.

Aperture F/8, shutter speed 1/15s, (bumped the tripod a little, hence the offset)
Notice the slight difference in colour. The new digital lens tends to show a little more pink.
Looks like the old lense is a touch better in definition and colour, in spite of the adapter.

I have 3 0  adapter left.

Sorry, all adapters are gone. If there is enough interest I will try to get some more. Please let me know.

Thanks for your interest!

How to unlock the shutter:

One reader asked: How to prevent the shutter of a Minolta 5D to be locked when the adapter is attached?
In the setup menu set
Shutter Lock "no lens" to "Off"
(in the second setup menu of the one with the symbol that looks slike a sun or cogwheel )