Die ewige Baustelle.....

A walk down Memory Lane:)


Once there were 6 Bavarians who wanted to venture out, to go where no real musician had gone before: To Feldmoching/Munich to do what they liked most: Play Rock&Roll and Country, drink Bavarian Beer and play cards, Schafkopfen . And so they did! Here you can see them:

Fare Well Guenter, we miss you (28.2.01) Fun Teddy, the video expert



Fritz the teacher, master of the theory of music Handy Fred


Electronic Tony Railway Werner

Nobody knows whether they are still playing, but I have some authentic recordings, you might want to listen to. And consider, it's all life, home made equipment and taken after some extremely nice Bavarian beers, what can I say?:)

The six of us

Songs in mp3 format available, ask me for details!

Ohmegod ,what fun, I miss you guys :)