Tony&Rita, Downunder in Perth
Western Australia

Cme on in !    

In the picture above you see South Trigg Beach, or call it North Scarborough.
A one km walk from our place.

You may notice that this site is a little dated. I am working on updates.
There would be a lot to tell, but I just don't have the time. So here it goes:

Since July 2012 I am an RC plane hobbyist, again (addict rather). I am retired after all!
There are some more links I am going to place here, watch this space.
But for now see the videos (watch them full screen, nothing sensational, but showing the real thing. Why not look at some other stuff on my youtube channel as well?)
But first you might want to watch my favourite slope soaring video, I love this one:

What's the weather like in Perth?

The Viking Kittens (flash):
Led Zeppelin.: The immigrant song -
Play me!

A walk down Memory Lane

If you like the Beatles, click here!

 Sorry, the  copyright owners have shut it down for now:( The songs are still listed though.

Pictures, if you are interested:

Our trip to Melbourne September 2008
Melbourne 08
Pictures of Western AustraliaWA

Germany August 2007

The video:
(Thanks, Ilse, for taking all these!)
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Finland August 2007   

Man Made Climate Change, every one has an opinion.  What about safety first?

Or may be:
Is an Ice Age coming?

To counter the Ice Age theory:

And more:

The weather out there!

Mrs Brown, naughty but funny:

Spot the error:

My tests with the MD/MA Minolta Adapter

Link to a knowledgeable Perth Photographer's Site

Thanks for putting up with my unprofessional HTML writing attempt :)